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We've literally Gone Too Far

The world we live in currently is facing so many paradoxes that it no longer can handle. And by that I mean a very serious subject that mainly is not discussed these days. In short I may say “humanity is falling apart” and that is exactly what is happening right now in our planet. And what I mean by that? Well, It has so much more into it, so please read the following post on that.

Where we started falling

The new generation of people (people about younger that 30 years old right now) are in middle of a bubble, so many illusions, technical advancements has recently changed our society’s values and our cultural behaviors in a very significant manner that I don’t know how are we comprehending.

The industrial revolution had a very big impact on the society as it changed everything about the social classes. In the past if you were born in a royal family you were guaranteed with a life time of wealth (unless you know another family got that from you) but if you were born as a farmer you couldn’t have got any better than that.

Industrial revolution however changed that in a dramatical way by raising the line so hight that you could build a value yourself and become richer than any king, todays wealthy people (Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, etc.) are the living examples of this fact. President Obama has an estimated net worth of about 7M $ and he’s the commander-in-chief, the highest official of the most powerful country in the world while Bill Gates as of toady has around 78.7B $.

So since the industrial revolution a rush begin of people seeing an opportunity of a life time of wealth, personal islands, meeting with powerful people and celebrities, enjoying the best of the life as it is.

Now years latter, the World War II made resulted a new tech to be developed and it was computers and electronic fields and those resulted media.

After the Gutenberg invented print, it started to have a massive social impact and it was good. The innovation of print made it possible for higher education to exists, for people to learn real stuff, for books to be available to anyone. It was such a magnificent change. However media and TV are not equivalent of that. What made media evil was the “popularity”. Being popular has never ever something worth of notice, but after TV and media got into our lives it changed. In order for advertisement to actually work, intention is the desire. At first media tried started with quality content.

Aside from all the 60’s big changed is media like acts of free speech, LGBT rights, gender equality, civil rights, feminism and… seeking for attention led to media focusing on entreatment and taboos started to fade away to gain more attention.

Now the impact starts with the sex symbols of hollywood and advertisements. If one has a particular mix of body and look they may gain millions of dollars in revenue for a company and that was a very good excuse for many people to somehow forgot all of our social values. Judging people by what’s in their heart not the physical attraction is no longer a social value.

If you search for 2 keywords in Google, one “Women in 19th Century” and then “Women in 20th Century” you see where we’re landed by that.

Many channels like HBO are numerous for their interest in adult content in their shows. Magazines following the lead of Playboy and Maxim are falling from any everywhere.

The Second Bad Thing

The second problem started at our view to the world. I’m openly and proudly nonreligious and I don’t have any faith in God and it’s existence. But religions actually played a good part in shaping humanity. The values like marriage, long-term relationships, badness of lying, drinking less alcohol… Were actually keeping the world physiologically healthy.

But the impact of the first bad thing that I told you has resulted a world where no longer anything but money seems to have any value at all. That is a very bad practice at life. If you look at the statical data we have on marine rates you find a very sad chart from Wikipedia:

That speaks of how bad we’re going. 40~50% of the marriages in US are ending within 15 year and 30% of them in the first 10 years. These are very very bad numbers.

The diversity of this value-extinction is so hight that being a Gentleman or a Lady is no longer something valuable. Our languages and literature are no longer moral and classy. Our literature used to be a fancy sort of a thing is now a street-talking body full of obscenity.

And we literally no longer care about what we say and the consequences. Our comedy shows use real-life stories and by mocking real human and offending real stories, real attitudes, real stuff they try to gain attention.

The Third Horrible Thing.

It’s simply tech. If our talk was about morality from this part it changes into discussing our foolishness. When you think about tech some images of highly advance stuff pops-up in your head. You may think of some tech icons like Jobs and Zuckerberg, You may think of some apps you like and that’s a good image right?

Science has some have this halo of innocence and holiness around it. In the old times, wise men used to have very very hard times trying to learn from the previous wise men. Back to those days education may even had no meaning and only some of the wealthy people or the ones who loved scions within their hearts used to pay their lives in order to gain science.

Those people have always being somehow wise (or maybe the wise ones got famous). Both ways they were classy people, having the right haircuts and wearing many suits to be acceptable for their high class culture, talking with care and using beautiful words.

Now science most of the times is done by people of higher wisdom, most of the times it was for our good. When it comes to technology with is marketing the science these words are no longer true. Things like Vimeo or SnapChat and… are really not hard to make but they make so much money because of their centralized identity.

However it’s a very potential industry that didn’t had enough people in it and no one seemed to really care about it. In a bubble-effect way, some kids started to playing with their toys and as apps and media have a very similar nature (In both you produce the product one time and you sale a copy of it to many people, hence your job is mostly marketing and trying to be famous and popular.)

That did very bad. Anyone these days wanna make a company to become billionaires and that raises a question: “Is our economy really capable of producing this much money so that many many people got to be billionaires and the rest become millionaires?”

So you see what I mean. But the problem is these convincing ideas about fame is the reason that some lazy people like me are actually having a job for playing these things and our previous generation is questioning themselves that did we do good? We tried our best to go to a good university, work hard, study hard, earn a good degree, work hard earn more, get a raise and after years of work having a good life. Now these people are young they make tons of money with their bad language and disrespect for almost anything.

That has become the starting point of some fool kids destroying the real honest world. Think about Uber: Being a Taxi is a hard job and has very low cash in return. People behind Uber didn’t really made something huge, they made an online booking experience for taxies and used individuals instead of taxi drivers who really need the earning of their job.

That is bad and that is sad. By being so easy to do, these days everyone are trying to make a startup out of everything even if that makes many other go out of job. I honestly don’t know if that’s good.

And What I See?

I see a new generation of people with disrespect to any tradition, any culture and any morality. They are made of bad attitudes towards anything. These days a 13 year old is not an innocent child playing with toys and having thoughts on fairy tales. They are depressed young adults, talking very easy about adult topics with F-words in middle of any word, children who’s values are no longer anything but trying to have fame or to idolize the advertisement-symbols they’ve been grown with.

They somehow live in a warfare of advertisement, symbols, sick media and all the other elements that defines our society witch if you ever look deeply you see nothing but some giant corporates trying to take you money.

And if you think about the good doings, charity word and other stuff that is happening you see they are a product of that culture too. Charity used to be something we did anonymously without making the person who we’re helping feel any bad. These days people take images of they and a very big check to bold the fact that their helping, they make TV shows for it, they go and talk in the news about it. It’s not charity, it’s actually a way to pay to become noticed, to get public’s attention. A sick wrong doing as all the previous ones.

Did we needed as much as physiologists we need now? Are we happier? Are our marriages stronger? Do we really understand life as our past generation did? Was using offensive words even acceptable in the past and are we really talking good now?

So with all this, somehow anything that made us good as humans are burning down to their ashes right in front of us. And what’s there and still not gone with fade a way sooner than you can imagine. I don’t know where are we going with this but it’s no good destination at all.