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How the future is "probably" going to be look like

In the recent years I have tried so much to see how the future is going to be. By looking and trying to understand the changes in culture, science and communications in the past and their course of changes in our timeline. Predicting the future from a microscopic point of view is impossible. You never know what next big change is going to be.

Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future
Robert Storm Peterson

By looking at Star Trek, it’s very obvious that trying to predict the future is hard. They really tried their best and successfully predicted things like MRI, Graphical User Interfaces, Cell Phones, etc. But one thing they could never imagine was people watching funny videos about cats and people doing crazy stuff on a social network.

That’s why prediction is hard and in a sense always funny when you look back. In the other side we have predictions that did happen. They were based on rational theories that came to be very reasonable. Jules Verne for example; accomplished this by predicting submarines, newscasts, solar sails, lunar modules, sky writing, video conferencing, slash down spaceships and very unlikely the taser guns. This is not something that anyone could do.

People like Charles Babbage knew there’s going to be a computer someday. DaVinci knew there’s going to be a plane.

So it’s basically possible to determine what the future is going to be by predicting where logically.

The future is in the past…

What the future is like? I used to look for the next changes in microscopic ways when I realized the whole picture is not there. Let’s move to the biggest image we have yet. Let’s look at the way our universe changed.

The WAMP telescope’s super famous picture: The Nine Year Microwave Sky gave us a picture of the baby universe, the actual evidence to say okay Big Band did happen. With that we have the the theory of universes expansion. Now why on Earth did I mentioned that? The theory of expansion has two sides: At first we have a singularity. Everything is in a single point of time-space. There is no volume in which to contain the universe and there is no timeline if we say. So there is neither a future nor a past. And then out of the blue, big bang happens. Universe expands and starts to become cool as it expands. That makes the elements to shape and everything that happened after that…

The opportunity to experience life as we get the space and time to live in started there. Even when Hubble himself didn’t believe that the universe is expanding but we now know that it is true. So no doubts there.

… if redshift are not primarily due to velocity shift … the velocity-distance relation is linear, the distribution of the nebula is uniform, there is no evidence of expansion, no trace of curvature, no restriction of the time scale … and we find ourselves in the presence of one of the principles of nature that is still unknown to us today … whereas, if redshifts are velocity shifts which measure the rate of expansion, the expanding models are definitely inconsistent with the observations that have been made … expanding models are a forced interpretation of the observational results
Edwin Hubble

This did have another side. The second half is the universe either goes to an infinity sized volume space as that happens we can expect it to become cooler and cooler and reach a point where no start has any fuel left to. There we’ll be left with one big, frozen and dark universe.

In the other side, it can reverse till the universe re-collapses. That is called the Big Crunch theory. It’s not really proved but many theories predict that and it’s very logically possible to happen.

Why I ever said that? I spoke too long and you may find what I said to be not much related to each other. That’s okay because at this point the dot’s will start to connect.

Our cycle in my opinion has a lot to share with the evolution of the universe.

Let’s look at what we used to be: We used to be normal animals till we invented tools (take it as the big bang) and we started to invent as much as tools as we could (the expanding universe). But all the sudden it changed: we started to go back. We started to merging those tools to smaller tools and all in one place. Swiss-knife way.

By going this way. There will be the need for a “Universal Machine”. Something that does any given task and solves any given problem. In the computer science people tried (and are still trying) their best to make that happen. They published many many papers and still that couldn’t be done.

One thing that turned out to be really promising as a potential answer to the universal machine was the Cellular Automaton. Theories like the Conway’s Game of Life revolutionized our understanding of logic. It proved to be capable of solving “every problem”. However that was in form logic. From the robotics perspective we started to think about “Nanobots”.

Think of them as cells but capable of connecting and disconnecting from each other, moving around each other programmable and of course in a very small size.

If you have them you’ll need nothing else.

First Prediction: Nanobots will replace anything we have ever made

If you want a house, in fractions of a minute this robotic elements can shape a one for you. But why thinking like that? If we had these things why we had to have a house? Really why? Now there comes the bigger image: There will be no cities, no cars, no tools nothing but the nature that existed before humanity. Woods and forests and deserts.

You could drink any water. Nanobots floating in the water could make it clean. We didn’t have to have a roof. When there was rain, our nanobots could shaped a roof for us. When we wanted to eat they could make us a table. When we wanted to go somewhere they could move us (or if we had successfully discovered wormholes, they could open us a portal). Anything that we wished for was possible.

Also as they couldn’t reproduce themselves if one of them started to act broken it couldn’t hurt the whole system. It couldn’t make broken nanobots like itself and cause a cancer in the system. So in general it’ll be a very stable machine that will change everything. Everything for real.

Second Prediction: Lifecode will change anything we know about our bodies.

Lifecode is about intentionally changing life forms. It can be in different manners: Birth Control played a big role in showing that we could change very big aspects of life and culture by changing ourselves. What used to be a way for humanity to survive and existed as the one of the most basic aspects of a living creature turned into a fun activity that had nothing to do with it’s origins.

But that goes beyond that. One of the manners of lifecode is to program cells and we now have reached that. You will never believe if I tell you that this image is made of many programed bacterias:

In the coming years we should expect that we will change the way we look and we will customize ourselves so much. As I said earlier, we can’t really predict the culture of tomorrow so I will not dare thinking about what we will do to ourselves and what will be the shape of humanity in that times. One thing I we can say however, is that there will be no difference in the look of people from different parts of the planet. If we today can distinguish an Indian from a Chinese in the future is going to be impossible. And because of two reasons:

  • In the future transportation is going to be very fast and easy. Everyone will be a able to go anywhere in the world instantly. In the future you would live in Paris and work in San Francisco. while going to Venice for your work launch by having wormhole portals. Earth becomes one big city and one big nationality. So people will start sleeping with others from anywhere in the plant and that makes our DNAs to mix and mix and mix till we all look as if we were from one nation.
  • Lifecode will be letting people to be just as what they wanted, or at least their children to be as they wished. Just like the way what we wear is pretty much the same anywhere, the way we look will face the same in the future as people in the world will start having same tastes.

Third Prediction

There will be a technological singularity. And with that there will be very interesting consequences. I believe the path towards the inevitable singularity will have this phases:

First Phase: Immortality

The first thing that will happen is that we become immortals. No kidding. By having nanobots floating in our blood we can defeat any disease. Nanobots will improve till the day that they’ll be replacing our existing cells.

Imagine someone who has lost an arm. These bots will shape that arm for them. Illness will be cured as nanobots can replace dead eye cells. Anything will be cured. Soon we’ll be in no need for even cloths because these nano bots will even make us warm from inside (The reason behind cloths is Sex. In the past sex resulted in having pregnancy so it became a taboo and many cultures got built on top of that. We have changed that and as you can see it’s becoming very usual. In the future as sex will be only something fun and no child will be burn naturally you can expect sex to become something as regular as a handshake. And it will only take some years for people to drop all that taboo and accept the new idea. When that happens anyone will be having sex with anyone and at that moment cloths will be no longer needed.)

Second Phase: The revolution of AI

Super human intelligence is maybe what we can expect to get invented very soon. Hope of humanity from the very beginning has been about making a God. A SHI (Super Human Intelligence) can be something that sees everything, knows everything, has more intelligence power than any of us combined. That’s why so many of us hope that if they make that, it’ll solve every big problem that the humanity has and it’ll become our guardian.

But this invention can be very much the end for us. Imagine an ant’s cleverness. That SHI will look to us exactly the same way. There is no escape from that and it will never actually care about us. (Can you really talk to an ant and care about your conversation?). Still, many believe that we can control that SHI (did any animal ever controlled us?) and for that reason it’s very possible that those people make it happen.

So if that ever happens it’s very likely that we become extinct as soon as that SHI becomes functional. Anything after this line can only take place if this prediction never happens. (Which I’m 100% sure, will take place)

Forth Prediction: Mind Unity

Mind Unity (Brain Network) is actually a result form Technological Singularity that I mentioned before but is so important that deserves it’s own “Big Prediction”. Mind Unity is going to be about connecting all brains together.

As strange as it looks like, there is a load of research to prove we already reached the basics of this.

If we reach the Mind Unity. Something like the Matrix movie will happen. All of us shall be connected into a same system and we’ll share our minds with each other. We no longer will need our bodies because can move our self-consciousness into a very big network of consciousnesses and interact with each-other there.

What will happen to us then?

The point in the future where we get to be in the Unity is going to be the very Big Crunch for us. Time-Space will finish there. It’ll be a new singularity point.

What I mean by that? When we reach Singularity, we’ll have no shape, no face, no body. And as we are all in a very fast circuit and all our brain systems are at one place there’ll be no need for a language to talk. What cause us to be able to talk is that our languages are very limited so we can never fully express ourselves to each other. That makes it possible to always have something to tell to someone.

But as soon as you’re in the Unity you can see and experience the whole life of someone else because every memory is shared. It’s just like copying all data at once to another drive. It happens very fast. So you become speechless as we all know everything.

Also there will be no space as it’s a computer circuit. It’s just a blank space where minds can share stuff. So we’ll no longer are going to be able the experience anything new.

With than in mind very soon everyone will know every single thing they can know and as there would be no need for doing anything, we extinct. There would a point that you will no longer be able to do anything and when you can’t do anything you’re done hence the mind unity is end. It’s a real singularity like before of Big Band.

In the other hand if nanobots happen. We also will somehow extinct. They illuminate the need of doing any action for us. Having fun will become the only activity that we can have and as fun is only possible when you know the meaning of sadness and nanobots will also keep us happy all the time, our existence once again goes to the edge of extinction.

Humanity may survive from this in two paths. First is to go back a bit and have activities just for fun. The perfection of humanity will be the end for humanity. Given that, a perfect world is maybe the worst scenario.

The other possible path is something that we don’t know yet. Nothing as know to us will be there and it’ll share no attributes with our current identification of humanity. Something truly new will start there. A very strange and truly new identity and form of existence…