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I always liked the idea of having a blog. The fact was I wanted it to be so much simple and I could never find something that way anywhere till today that I found Poole.

The fact about Poole is that it somehow shares the very same attitude and culture as the Steve Jobs and good old days of Apple shared. The fonts, Simplicity, Gray color, and blue links. So much whitespace and white background.

On the other hand, it’s on GitHub. You get the chance to write just in Markdown which is my favorite markup system and as I’m an Ubuntu user I have Uberwriter and I’m looking to get an iA Writer for Mac. Plus the good Markup system you can work with GitHub. A very developery system, Each post is a file so you get the history browsing. And then you get command line uploading.

I recently developed a bad feeling regarding PHP and ASP websites. They are functioning very good and I have so much respect for their developers but here’s this fact that their design always comes with problems. You see an ugliness in them.

However there is this HTML + CSS + JavaScript formula. The HTML5/CSS3 sites always look too better. The way their functioning using only reliable JavaScripts and the way fonts render smoothly… They all look so much prettier and right.

I’m not one of those fellas who believes on “HTML Hell” and they use only websites with plain HTML2 and no more CSS and any more tools to just feel right that you can even browse their pages via command line but there is this feeling about those ugly shades and those buttons with texts not in the right places, text shadows and…

A website should be like this one the one you see on Apple’s website and the ones who looks right even when you resize and zoom the page.

I like this only website because it looks right.

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