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When I was 3 or 4 years old my aunt gave me my first LEGO set. It was one of such fun and awesome old western ones. That LEGO changed my whole life in many different ways.

The first thing I did loved the whole idea of it and I spent the next 12 years playing only with LEGO and I had no interest in anything else. Well as a nerd it’s not really special that I get to love things but there is this thing that LEGO was really special

LEGO made my mind think environmental. To do anything I need to create an environment and then it’s bricks then I use them to build what I want. I think that’s one of the most important reasons why I’m so interested in programming. It shares just the same idea. The other thing LEGO taught me was the definition of true beauty. You could sit and look at its bricks for such a long time. They were beautiful and classy, they were designed so perfect so they could merge and connect together in many different ways. LEGO uses the greatest polymer formula for creating it’s plastics.

Linus Torvalds describes UNIX as a perfection because it is based on simplicity in design. The fact UNIX is made of some tiny little programs that work with each other to do anything in it makes him believe that it’s pretty and LEGO is the true representation of this vision.

In the computer or mathematical worlds, you set the rules and well as long as your rules work together well, you’re a good God. many people like Linus knows that as beautiful design.

A true perfection is something beautiful and simple by design that you can never come up with something better than that. That’s why the things that we have only one of are always perfect like the Earth and Nature. There is only one planet Earth in whole worlds so we don’t know if there were more than one Earth could be perfect or not. Perfection is something really rare that you can never find one easy.

Steve Jobs was my only hero so far. He is the only man who I know and I feel and I understand more than anyone else in the world. I love the way he looked at things, I love the way he could see the design and everything about it. I see that Steve was one of few who could understand perfection and that’s why the way he lived and he created his products were perfect.

And feeling him makes me sure that if he were here he would be so angry of the new iOS and Mac designs. I mean when you stare at a mac you know there is nothing more beautiful than that. The skeuomorphism design behind the apple, the fact that when you opened the Garage Band, for example, you could see the woods and Jeans around it was magnificent. Colors of all over the system. Buttons, Scroll Bars, Windows everything inside and outside it was beautiful and you could know there is nothing better than that. Today when there is the new OS 10, Yosemite coming I don’t know if that’s what I want. People around the world loves it.

The new design is, of course, much cleaner than the old one but it lacked beauty. You can’t look at it like the way you look at the other stuff. All the lovely icons you loved for so long are about to die with Mavericks, All the beautiful Menu bars, The awesome Gill Sans menus and magnificent windows, You will no longer see them. I feel if Jobs was still alive we could see so much more and better things from the Apple.

I feel like I’m keeping my Mavericks system forever and I may only install the new versions beside it so I can use the new apps but this system, this system is all I wanted that I’m not ready to simply lose it.

I loved this system because of its design. Once the design is gone why should I even have it? I think this is why people can’t have an awesome life because nothing is enough for them. They want perfection when they have it but they always want more. This is the human nature, our beauty and ugly at the same time.