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Always the good old days!


This is a very historical picture to me. Well, When I was really younger, maybe 13 or something I discovered the cool nature of why a computer is something fun and then I started to create things with it. One of the really first things I created was a font called “PA-Comic No.1”. This font changed everything as it was the whole idea why I made a BaseKit website and why I won the best design for two years about a year later. Why I created Pouya Animation. A little website that I made to share my work (And you can find a historical one page simulation of it here but then soon it transferred into something far different a place where I shared the software I wrote back to that days so I love this font even when designers makes fun of it. The whole creation of this font was something fun. I created each character using Adobe Ideas in my iPod Touch second generation and then I tried import each of them into FontLab and then I had my very own font which I loved so much. This fun test actually is not one of those happy ends because I just realized that somehow I have lost the font and every file related to it. All the backups… everything is gone. So if you have any copy please please please send me the files. That would make me the happiest man on Earth.

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