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I love UNIX, It’s the most beautiful system I’ve ever seen. It’s clear, It’s brilliant, It’s a LEGO. You have some tools. You LEGO this tools tighter and you make something you want. You can script all your apps together… So much possibilities! So many of the UNIXians that I know write in their blogs why they love UNIX or some of them write especially for GNU/Linux. together I love UNIX and I’m going to write about UNIX!

If you’re a UNIX fella you know that when you’re scripting you can add this line to the top of your file:

#!/usr/bin/env lua

To for example run a lua app by just running its name like

% ./app.lua

And not

% lua ./app.lua

And so you can change the Lua to python2 and use Python, You can change python2 to ruby and so on. Well, today I accidentally removed the env app in my system.

So I removed a system software that my life depends on it. So if it was Windows, I most certainly had to reinstall the system and everything else I had. I mean they are native system files, You can just copy-paste them from another computer. Also, you can’t find any website to download env. As much as it looks scary it was the easiest problem I solved in my entire life. I just opened a web browser, Searched for env and turned out it’s a part of GNU CoreUtils. So simply! I searched FSF’s FTP and found the source bundle of coreutils. I compiled it with a typical

% configure
% make

Child’s play. And then done, I had the env, So just a simple

% sudo mv ./env /usr/bin

And it was fixed, Just like the 3 mins earlier. So you know a problem like this could destroy my life in Windows and other non-UNIX platforms, But it’s UNIX and even problems like this are the easiest when you wanna fix them. However if you’re a Windows user you should never be worried about something like this. First, because Windows is not this powerful to have useful tools! And also the simple fact that you have no right to understand and use the system utilities of your system! Ha Ha!

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