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Design of Kary Systems logo

Today was birthday of Arendelle. Yes, it’s a very awesome and happy day for me. I remember how actually I invented Arendelle on this day a year ago and I had no idea what could have happened in one year of its development which means I have no idea about how it’s going to grow in the future so I guess we should wait and see. However, I’m starting a company called “Kary Systems” which will work as a research lab to create awesome technologies and will have some business going. For the start, we want to run a program called “Juliette” that will be the base of operations for our programming learning platform based on Arendelle + Python and our own teaching process.

However designing Kary Systems has taken a bit long because I want a very high-quality modernism style design for it. Till now we have a prototype for our website’s homepage and soon you’ll be able to see it but for now, I want to show you Kary System’s logo… Yes! You’ve already seen it! Our logo is this:

The origin of this horse is me! When I was a little kid I used to draw a special kind of drawing and it used to be my horse in the drawings. Today I was searching so much for the inspiration to find a nice logo for Kary Systems. I knew I wanted pure modernism like the works of Paul Rand but I had no idea what to use for the logo and just that time my father was showing my mom scans of my childhood drawings that I remembered my horse so I designed it in a computer friendly way and here it is! The Kary Systems Logo!

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