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Mr. Buddy

This week I introduce you to my first sticker pack for Telegram “Mr. Buddy”, He’s a one head person with some lovely emotions. He’s gentle and nice If you like to have it just click here to officially add this pack from the Telegram’s main sticker store.

I love Telegram, It’s open source, well encrypted, fast, infinity-history based and so. I have a very old background on it also because we use it Kary Foundation and also the whole Arendelle Project is made using communications based on Telegram and Dropbox. This is awesome. in Kary we’re moving to a new edge and we now have a self-hosted social network to manage our whole process however Telegram still is a key in our ecosystem.

As telegram introduced this new ability of custom stickers I though how about making a demo one? so this is the first sticker pack of me “Mr. Buddy”. Mr. Buddy actually is the first “just to practice” sticker of mine, but I have a plan to make a much more complicated sticker pack based on my fictional character “Mr. Its Cloudy”. Just wait for it. To get Mr. Buddy however you have to use the following link:


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