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The Whole New Comment!

Because of Sina’s saying: I started to port comment.app to a web based version and because of that, the 4th rewrite of the Comment app happened. We now have the Comment IV that I’m glad to say now even runs on the web. It’s fully cross-platform around anything that comes within the web. I have also made an app for OS X and Sina is working on one for the Ubuntu.

The new comment has been really improved. The most important thing for sure is that it has many new comment styles: SubSection, SubLine, InSection and Separator. The multi-line Note comments are also in work.

The UI is much improved, It’s been written with the Kary Foundation’s new standard UI framework that unifies the look and experience around the Kary Foundation software chain and because we now use our own UI framework the style of the software is now classy and match to Kary Foundation’s design system. And well the software theme is now dark which means your eye will no suffer during a shift from dark IDEs to Comment.

Something I’m also very glad of is the new icon. It’s really a better one that is kind, energizing and also matches much better with your dock and the other OS X app icons:

So if you use OS X I would suggest downloading the latest version of Comment IV for OS X or you can simply open it on any desktop browser that supports modern web technologies.

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