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Restoration of "Four Aligned Worlds"

This is one important illustration for me. It’s call “Four Aligned Worlds”. It was the very first illustration that I did with digital media. Drawing was took place on a third generation iPod Touch and I used the first release of Adobe Ideas to make it. It was the first drawing that included my own drawing style and was vector based on a digital interface and always remained as one important piece of work to me.

What it implies is impossibility, illusion and complexness. And what I love about it is that I found out what a better tool means. I did the same thing on paper and this was not something easy to do. However a tool like that made me accomplish this. Today I found a very low resolution of this picture that was the only memory left of it and using some vector extraction tool and now you can have this high resolution version of it.

I’ve been in the technology business for so long now and what everyone always have to say is that:

What is made with computing systems is cheap, unnatural lacks emotions. Also the whole nature of doing stuff with computers is cheating.

I don’t believe in a word. Pen is a tool. Paper is a tool. Camera is a tool. Computers are the same. If using computers to make music is cheating so is doing it with a Piano. If fixing pictures with photoshop is cheating then changing phone frame is also cheating. Taking photos is also cheating. That’s enough for now right?

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