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Why nerds are not cool and will never ever be?

In our modern society’s classifications, exists a group of people wealthy of what we call coolness. With today’s status quo they maintain such a great position that undeniably everyone regardless of their positions and beliefs expresses the desire of being one.

With that in mind, we may introduce a question: Why when nerds try to have a band and be cool they just look like some lame old douchebags?

That on so many levels is a great argument. First because when I make a debate it must be a fascinating one (evil laughs). But it’s actually a very great question to answer because it just answers a core problem: Why nerds are not cool?

I demanded the answer to this question so much. So much I can’t even begin to aspire. Years ago when I first grasped my hands on Nerd Tests v1, I was the only user in possession of being 100% nerd. And I got the title Uber Dorky Nerd God.

I condone any satisfaction out of that. God of nerds solely conveys one thing: One is a loser to the exclusion of all practicable qualities, hence having a retort towards this inquiry meant the world to me. Why we nerds can’t be fun? Even as if we endeavor by a massive measure.

I felt as if I’m the worse loser on the planet. Therefore, it’s my obligation to root out the cause and end the sad vacuous trouble.

And it happened.

Today I had this very absorbing thought that pointed me precisely to the roots and genesis of the obstacle:

“When nerds strive to commence a band (or anything) they move heaven and earth to accomplish the best possible results.”

If you take something of a century ago and differentiate it with the same entity manufactured today you’ll find it rather foolish and mostly boring. All the more if it was the best of it’s time.

Thus at no time, there shall be perfection and by that the effort of all nerds in these circumstances signify a point in which I believe no one has ever taken under consideration:

If perfection is impossible to attain thus one’s aim to reach perfection only designates one’s effort to be superior to the others.

It’s a disturbing yet awful outcome. What we crave from products of a corporation is quality but what we covet from our friend’s company is the comfort.

Comfort means we strive to put all the stress of our performance aside and have some delight. Have you being told of the phrase: We put so much attention to have a great “first impression” that we get so frustrated with being in the moment?

That’s our story. When nerds try to jump into the crowd they seek attention. So they put much effort in being better than the others. The result of that is not appalling at all: They get rejected intelligibly because people come to the social gathering to leave their competitions and be distracted while nerds do the irreconcilable and bring more competitions and stress.

That’s it. This significant and at the same time very straightforward actuality is we fail in being cool because we exert oneself to be better to be noticed. I genuinely hope if you contemplate of yourself as a nerd find it a way to mend this dilemma.

Thanks for reading.

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