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The Human Code

Alliance of mankind has never been the bourgeon of anything. There is still racism, felony, malevolence, inequality and divorcement among us. This is a credo for those who seek peace for the whole world. For those who wants the world not be separated by religions and nationalities but a one united humanity. This is a recipe for a better, healthier, more peaceful life.

Terms of using the Human Code

  1. The Human Code is written for everyone, In a way everyone can understand it fully without needing any help and assistance thus any guidance, admonition, steerage to The Human Code is forbidden.

  2. You must agree with every single rule within your heart.

  3. Using, referencing and citation of any rules of The Human Code, or The Human Code itself for any law, condition and anything related to legal matters are forbidden.

  4. No personal interpretation of the rules are allowed.

  5. No one is allowed to redistribute The Human Code. You only have the right to referencing it’s Internet URL.

  6. You must never lawyer any rule here. You also must never think of pitfalls in them. You must agree with the rules within your heart. And anyone can understand what are these rules. If you wanna lawyer something here or find pitfalls you are only making ridicule of yourself.

  7. The rules may change. And there maybe new rules. You have to keep yourself update. This page won’t go anywhere.

  8. No one has the right to do anything in the name of The Human Code.

  9. No one should benefit physically from The Human Code.

  10. The Human Code my be respected and beloved however it shall not be treated as something holy or as a religion.

  11. No one must ever be bigotry about The Human Code.

  12. The Human Code must never be forced to anyone.

  13. No one is allowed to earn anything from The Human Code. Physical or Spiritual.


  1. You don’t have the right to do anything that hurts a living thing (human and nonhuman) physically or emotionally.

  2. You must at any situation be kind to anyone.

  3. You must never do anything that puts someone else’s happiness at risk.

  4. You must never make fun of anything.

  5. You must never Lie.

  6. You must never insult anything.

  7. You must always try to be in your best shape.

  8. You must respect anything including yourself.

  9. You must be kind to anyone.

  10. You must believe in no nationality but a united humanity.

  11. You must always behave.

  12. You must never use insulting words.

  13. You must think positively at any situation.

  14. You must always try to understand anyone.

  15. You must take care of yourself and your health.

  16. You must never have sex with someone unless you are married.

  17. You must respect your life.

  18. You must value nothing more than a human beings life.

  19. You should never force anything to anyone.

  20. You should never think objectively about any living thing.

  21. You must have same respect, kindness and rights for anyone.

  22. Thinking bad things about anyone is forbidden.

  23. You must have respect for mother Earth.

  24. You must never harm the nature.

  25. You must never get drunk.

  26. You must always think before you say something.

  27. You must think of anyone as your friends who you haven’t met yet.

  28. You must never betray anyone.

  29. You must never make War.

  30. You must never attend to any wars.

  31. You must never have any enemies.

  32. You must always do things equal to others in any group.

  33. You must make the most of your life.

  34. You must always try to have fun.

  35. In business you have to care about others too.

  36. Using any kind of Narcotics are forbidden.

  37. Being depressed is forbidden.

  38. You must as much as you can use colors.

  39. Abusing is forbidden.

  40. Nudity in public is forbidden.

  41. Nudity infront of children is forbidden.

  42. Wasting other’s time is forbidden.

  43. Before you create or modify anything you have to think of its influence on the world for over 2 decades.

  44. No couple is allowed to divorce unless they have 3 months of continuos fight.

  45. Being proud because of your gender, nationality, skin color… is forbidden.

  46. Cheating is forbidden.

  47. Using politics is forbidden.

  48. You must at least great your friends and family, once every month.

  49. You must share your knowledge as much as possible.

  50. In case a human being in danger. any rule can be escaped.

  51. You must thanks others for everything they do for you.

  52. Everyone is equal in their values and rights. No one is better or worse and shall not be treated in that way.

  53. You must never worship anyone.

  54. Forcing anything in any way is forbidden.

  55. You must use the best most gentle words when speaking.

  56. Revenge is forbidden.

  57. If you harm someone and it causes that someone loosing their body parts. You must put 20% of your wakeup time for the rest of your life serving that someone.

  58. Using sex and sexual stuff for selling, advertising or doing anything is forbidden.

  59. Always wear what you wear at a banquet.

  60. Live the way you find fancy every day.

  61. Have austerity for natural resources.

  62. Before doing anything think of its impacts and consequences.

  63. As much as you can care about design and beauty of your life’s environments.

  64. You must take action to clean and restore nature if necessary.

  65. Abstinence consumerism and try to produce garbage and pollution as less as possible.

  66. You must be generous as much as you can.

  67. You must never answer calls or check your messages when you are eating meal.

  68. You must never fight with your family.

  69. You must have no expectation from anyone.

  70. You must share as much as you can.

The Human Code is published under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0) License.