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2014 Arendelle Language

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Arendelle is a domain-specific programming language for creating 16-bit like Pixel art. Arendelle uses a grid system and a pointer for navigating and painting the desired squares of the grid. The grammar behind Arendelle is completely new as it uses only one character for it’s commands and grammars. Just like everything else in Arendelle the main engine of the language is based on a new interpreter design invented by Pouya Kary named Recursive Scanner rather than the Lexer-Parser-Code-Generator. Using this technique the interpreter actually never generates any code. It reads the code and execute it. Like a byte-code runtime but much more powerful to understand grammars. This way for executing makes the software much more fast and efficient

2015 HeatStudio

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HeatStudio is a the most advanced software for computing the Heat Transfer Coefficient in buildings supporting adjacency detection for adjacent surfaces and calculation Tau parameter for those zones. Developed for the Iran National Building and Housing Research Center Department of Energy and Environmental Design (BHRC Energy Lab for short) to be the official software for the National Building Regulation Code 19. The software introduces a SketchUp plugin as it’s front-end editor and a NREL OpenStudio powered back-end. It calculates the total Building Heat Transfer Coefficient based on the algorithms for real heat transfer coefficient calculation and the Code19’s own algorithm for the same parameter and then visualizes the result based on a rich detailed UI as well as a visualization on the SketchUp model itself showing the efficiency of thermal zones using colors. HeatStudio also has a built in editor and computation engine for thermal bridges which is not found in any other software.

2015 SketchUp Grid Importer

An SketchUp plugins that imports 2D Arendelle Grid files into 3D SketchUp models. This enables users to print their Arendelle made graphics with 3D Printers.

2015 Infrastructure Specification 2XII

A standard designed to illustrate every specification of Arendelle Language for developers to have a clear understanding of all the rules and behaviors of Arendelle Language.

2015 Arcco

Arcco is a port of Docco document generator monolingual for Arendelle that brings literate annotated programming and documenting culture to the Arendelle world. It’s based on the Locco engine which is a port of Docco and uses Arendelle Marker as it’s highlighting engine.

2015 Kary.Numerica

A part of the Kary Framework under heavy development aiming to result a numerical type (like int, float…) with no size limit in storing the numbers. Numerica numbers can hold up to 2.8 billion digits per integer and decimal parts so that the scientifically calculation be done in the most precise manner.

2015 Marker

Website | GitHub | Annotated Code
Arendelle to highlighted HTML compiler, It generates standard HTML / CSS code with. Based on the extended version of code scanners in Arendelle.NET and colors of “Arendelle Pink” design color plate of Arendelle it generates the best highlight possible for Arendelle to be used in web pages. It’s been used for highlighting texts of Arendelle Book, Arendelle’s Website and other pages coming with Arendelle Materials.

2015 Kary Framework Base

A framework for power use of Strings in .NET languages. It gives the user tools for handling strings in a way no library ever did. It gives you justification tools, it gives you tools for manipulating multi line strings and ASCII art tools also it gives you tools for creating pro terminal UIs with plain text and also some very good tools for using arrays.

2015 Arendelle IDE iOS

GitHub | iTunes AppStore
A shared project with Micha Hanselmann where I developed the Back-End of the IDE “Swifty” compiler as well as being the project’s design director. However the most of the project which was the IDE’s UI and facilities are developed by my good friend Micha Hanselmann

2014 Swifty

Website | GitHub
Full featured developer REPL (Read-Evaluate-Print-Loop) for Arendelle’s “Core Arendelle”. Gives you access to the dataset of spaces in the Core Arendelle. Also gives you tools to run Arendelle “Expression-Zone” directly, Gives you access to Core Arendelle’s codeScreen’s X, Y, Matrix and Title attributes with prompt waiting for unfinished Arendelle Grammars.

2014 Arendelle IDE Android

GitHub | Google Play
Just oversaw the development of the project as the director of Arendelle Project and contributed as the design director. The whole project was developed by Micha Hanselmann

2014 Core Arendelle

Arendelle’s Apple-tech based compiler written in Swift and a bit of Objective-C and C. It’s a fully featured Arendelle engine with support of the latest features of Arendelle, Used by Arendelle’s official apps for iOS and OS X as well as Swifty command line REPL.

2014 Arendelle Book

Book | GitHub
Official book for learning Arendelle Language. The book is for people with no background in programming so it teaches programming while teaches Arendelle. The book is available online free of charge and open source coming as a part of Arendelle’s “New Education System”

2014 Wheel Project

Wheel is an on going project aiming to create a computer from scratch just to have fun. The project is still in the level of blueprint designing and is going slow because of all the other stuff we have going on

2014 Cliff

Cliff is an Arendelle code “Folder”. It reads Arendelle codes and generates a folded code, It reads the code and fixes spaces sizes, code line foldings, shapes multi line comments, new lines and so. To do this it uses the full Lexers and many other parts of Arendelle.NET to fully understand the code and shape it to be a suitable for document and web pages.

2014 Gothi

Gothi is set of Basic-Latin, Numbers and few spacial characters for the Arendelle language that using a small size scripts lets you generate Arendelle text to display a special text in Arendelle.

2014 Arcade IDE

Website | GitHub
Arcade IDE is the official cross-platform command line environment for Arendelle Language. It uses command line characters to represent dots (Arendelle grid’s cells). Arcade is a fully cross-platform software with hard-coded operating system detection. So it runs natively on any operating system without any need for recompiling.

2015 Kary.Calculat

A better version of the NCalc project by Sebastien Ros with so many improvements over the typecasting system, function parsing and standard library. Also the project will be re-factored once the Kary.Numerica is fully functional in order to be the most powerful expression evaluator possible.

2014 Pabbie Language

Website | GitHub
Pabbie is language that compiles into Arendelle using a very simple and light weight source-to-source compiler. Pabbie is aimed to have a syntax and grammar close to everyday human English as a research on human language understanding and bringing programming to the people with no background on programming. The research also aims to bridge 5th generation programming languages and complex machine learning techniques to it’s design to develop a language that people use to explain what they need and the system generates applications.

2015 Kary Series

A funny command line game about finding the formula for mathematical sequences offering a rich command line UI plus a very great mathematical debugger that together they they makes it fun to play with sequences. So something for sequences lovers!

2015 K Library

A mathematical framework for Arendelle Language. Originally designed to make Arendelle a Kary-Math compatible environment but it also adds some useful tools like base converting tools, Tools for manipulating array spaces like sorting, sum, min, max and so on.

2015 Pi Library

Small size Swift framework which is a combination of necessary tools from Cent/Dollar and Panther libraries that extends Swift to become an everyday usable language. As said it’s not a full featured framework, it only fills the extremely necessary tools not implemented in Swift by default

2014 Knight

Website | GitHub
A mathematical optimization for generating the optimized path for a Chess Knight to move from button left to the top right of a chess board with any size. The software for this algorithm is written in Arendelle Language and it’s the first Arendelle software that processes a given input and generates something. Reading the code will be good for practicing data visualizations in Arendelle

2015 LoC

Super small size (300 LoC) Terminal software designed to provide developers a way to count the LoC (Lines Of Code) of their project. It is designed to understand the files of programming languages so it only calculates what that matters and provides you with some useful information for measuring the size of your project.


CODIUM is an encoding / decoding method based on prime numbers. It gives each character a prime number alternative and then by multiplying numbers of words it make a number from each word. for decoding by prime factoring the numbers you get the characters and then by running an anagram test you get the decoded version of encoded string

2013 Equer

One small command-line based super-mini app maker designed to make a Python command line software from a given mathematical equation so you can easily run a tiny app, fill the parameters and give your answer. It comes with about 7 commands that you must use them to build your app.

2013 TexTHOR

Prototype of a text editor interface designed for command line which gives you the ability to type commands inside your text that makes it crazy fast and super easy to use. The prototype only comes with functions for clearing the text, storing it ans also commenting inside the text.


Website | FontStruct | Luc Devroye’s Blog
A typeface designed in the style of sci-fi spaceship fonts. The type is not finished and may face huge changed in the future

2013 Nexear

Website | GitHub
One powerful text editor designed to open and edit more than one file at time. Capable of importing PDF, ePub, DOC, DOCX and ODF to plain text and storing more than one text file in one .nexear file and coming with it’s own built in command-line language, calculator, programming features, Arendelle code optimizing and lots of lots of more features

2013 Mathman

Calculation machine with a console based interface and such a powerful engine. Because of the connections that Parallel Architecture had the software uses many private and hide algorithms the software can process math expressions faster than ever. Also the software comes with some applets that never existed in any calculation system before.

2012 KinBoard

Website | Softpedia
A.K.A Kincob’s Board is a virtual black board designed to be a part of Kincob shell but soon became a popular application because of it’s fast’n’easy interface. It was also written only for Windows and discontinued so there is only one version available

2012 Comicfont

A typeface designed to be like a child-handwriting but soon changed to a very special kind of typeface and we named Comicfont because it was comic. The font itself designed to be used in some of Parallel Architectures projects but also released as a public-domain font in early 2012

2012 Plothing

Concept of designing a bar-code to be like a pizza. Some prototypes are out but the bar-code recognition system is still under development by Parallel Architectures.

2012 Textmaster

Suit of 3 different Windows Phone applications for creating artworks from one input text. This 3 apps were Circler: An application to create a circle from a given text, This web page and Kary’s logo is rendered by this software too. Waller: To create a picture from randomized shapes of given input and Starus a template for creating wallpapers. The script once continued by Hans Würstchen that year.

2012 Kincob

UNIX Shell simulator for Windows platforms with many built in features like web search and calculator. Main point in designing the software was creating an AI based command line tool that understands human language named Semi-Mind core. The project discontinued by Parallel Architectures in 2013