Pouya Kary
Who's Pouya?

Who am I, What I do?

I am Pouya Kary. born in 1996, I am a person. What I do is rather complicated in terms of terming. I always wished to be an inventor and have put most of my carrier, pursuing that. Yet, when it comes to financing my research, I have come to be some sort of a consulting researcher — one that companies contact where they need help with technologically challenging projects.

I started by making developer tools and after a while I began to care about the readability, beauty and organization of the code and therefore spent a few years of my work with the focus of improving the quality and beauty of computer languages and developer tools across a wide scatter of ideas.

After a while I began to see the bigger image and found out the holistic identity of my work. I was obsessed with anything that had to do with the mediums of thought. From notations and languages to human-computer interfaces to the philosophy of math and et cetera. So I focused my research in one massive goal: Creating a new medium for thinking.

I wanted to have a medium where math is not the limit, a medium that programming is accessible to anyone and therefore anyone can process their data and use the system to think not just the professionals, and a medium that makes all concepts and tools are incorporable: one where you can make music and car design within one environment, one where you can connect anything together and express a new possibility of creativity.